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Terms & Conditions 
Once payment is made, an agreed contract is entered between Active Life Forever “myself” and The Client “you” for the health and fitness services during our agreed period or sessions. Copies of this are available on request.
The fee is usually blocked paid in advance. Pay as you go usually cost more. Part payment over an agreed time with the trainer is also possible.
Please note that an additional cost may be incurred for travelling time, congestion charges or other related expenses. 
All payments are made in advance. Credit card or PayPal secured site is available online. Paying the trainer in person can be by mobile card payment, bank transfer or standing order (preferred) payment. 
Cancellation of a session must be given at least 24 hours in advance. Failure to give the appropriate notice will result in full payment for that session been charged as missed. In exceptional circumstances this can be waived at the trainer's discretion.

The terms of this agreement will continue until the trainer is given at least 15 days written notice of termination by the client. Any payments due to Active Life Forever or the trainer for sessions agreed during the notice period must be paid in full within the notice period. Any repayment that is due back to the client because of an unexpected incident or an agreement will be paid within 7 days of both parties agreeing to terminate. 

Packages usually run 1 month over the end set period. Example a 12 week package will expire after 4 months and a 24 week package will expire after 7 months. A 12 months PT package will expire 2 months after the year as reached. This is to include holidays, ill health or other life unexpected distractions. Please consult with me if you know in advance of any disruption of continuous personal training. Remember consistency is the key to change.
Please note that no refunds are available for services bought on-line including the nutritional dietary plan. So please view and choose carefully your order at the checkout.
Faulty items are refundable with an option to re-order that item. 

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